Nicholas Seltzer

Hybrid Engineer

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Work Experience

2017-08 till today

Software Engineer at Riot Games:

Developed solutions for both internal and external customer solutions

Designing and building automated test framework for complex software

Working alongside a team of talented engineers to deliver rigorously-tested features in a modular and scalable codebase

Working with the product team, internal and external quality assurance to identify and correct bugs as well as regressions

Maintaining large deployments as code using tools like Terraform and Jenkins Job and Pipeline DSL

2015-07 till 2017-08

Senior Systems Engineer at Riot Games:

Responsible for delivering 100% system and network uptime for highly-visible, live broadcast events

Developed and executed intricate tactical and strategic plans with a large number of moving parts

Supported, designed, and enhanced internal-facing and external-facing applications, networks, and systems

Improved the quality of life by authoring and supporting both bespoke and third-party automation solutions

Extensive exposure to broadcast operations and broadcast technologies

2014-05 till 2015-07

Enterprise IT Architect at First Data Corporation:

Responsible for developing standards and new design patterns for Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

Quickly analyzed, developed, and tested potential use cases for the business

Worked with other teams to build integrations between existing enterprise applications

Designed and developed RESTful APIs for enterprise applications to encourage modularity

Authored multiple internal articles surrounding modular application design and application inter-communication

2013-05 till 2014-05

Senior Systems Engineer at Resource Insurance Consultants:

Planned and implemented a N-tier application architecture across multiple, redundant, remote sites

Managed relationships with vendors, contractors and other resources to accomplish business goals

Redesigned the corporate network clean-up at multiple remote sites; set up a client VPN solution

Assimilated new technologies and pursued the education surrounding those technologies fervently

2012-08 till 2013-05

Enterprise Monitoring Engineer at Cabela's:

Developed a multitude of applications in Java responsible for monitoring core infrastructure efficiently

Debugged and troubleshot existing PHP, Python, and Perl scripts for the monitoring

Helped to architect and engineer a scalable and resilient proof-of-concept monitoring platform

Assimilated new technologies and pursued the education surrounding those technologies fervently

2011-08 till 2013-05

Systems Engineer at Resource Insurance Consultants:

Architected highly-available network and server solutions using redundant switching and virtualization

Converted physical servers to virtual servers and separated previously multi-tenant services

Tested and developed a migration path from from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010

Planned and implemented a forward-looking storage solution which provides for modularity and security

Designed and implemented Nagios as the primary monitoring utility to monitor services, disk space, etc.

2010-11 till 2011-08

Systems Administrator II at Creighton University:

Helped in testing and implementing an AD DS upgrade from 2003 to 2008 R2

Managed multiple VMware ESXi clustered hosts and VMs in production and in DR

Tested, developed, and implemented a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

Supported both physical and virtual servers through development, test, and production

Helped in the testing and planning of the Nagios implementation at Creighton, a multi-tiered network

2008-11 till 2010-11

Technical Analyst II at Interpublic Group:

Responsible for a clustered Exchange environment supporting 50,000+ users

Worked alongside messaging, network, and system engineers for case resolution

Used VBScript and Python to automate routine and complex tasks

Created and maintained documentation for change control and operating procedures


SaltStack Certified Engineer




ICAgile Certified Professional


International Consortium for Agile

License 78-3343-9873d7e3-aac9-3307-88a2-5306b88cad2f

Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator



License 150-217-412


Programming: Java, go, Python, PowerShell, Bash, Groovy

Version Control Systems (VCS): git, svn

Configuration Management: SaltStack, Chef, cloud-init

Continuous Integration, Testing, and Deployment: Jenkins, Docker, Terraform

Load Balancers and Reverse Proxies: Nginx, Apache httpd

Automated Testing: Selenium, Cucumber, Scripting

Log Aggregation and Analysis: Splunk, Elastic Search, LogStash, and Kibana (ELK)

Monitoring: Nagios, Zabbix, NewRelic, Prometheus

Databases: RDS, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB / MySQL

Web Servers: Apache httpd, Nginx, IIS

Network Analyzers: Wireshark, nmap, tcpdump

Network Discovery Utilities: Metasploit, Nessus, burp proxy, OllyDbg, netcat

Hypervisors: KVM, oVirt / RHEV-M, VMware ESXi, Citrix Xenserver, Microsoft Hyper-V

Cloud Providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack

Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) / CEntOS, Ubuntu Linux / Debian, Microsoft Windows Server, FreeBSD / NetBSD

Networking: Cisco (ASA), Juniper (EX and SRX), pfSense, Vyatta

Storage Systems: Dell Compellent, EMC, NetApp, Ceph, GlusterFS, Linux Filesystems, Windows Filesystems

Mail Servers: Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, Sendmail

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